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There’s something soothing about making a cup of tea. Filling the kettle, selecting a mug, choosing a tea from my over stocked tea shelf and putting the elements together. I’m more of a one cup at a time instead of a whole pot kind of girl. If I go for a second cup, I’ll switch to another tea. I’m fickle like that and vari-ah-tea is the spice of life!

My first choice lately is Earl Grey Cream, a gift from my friend Banquette, it came with the mug pictured as well. The silicone tea infuser/stirrer was a present from Exec Chef and it is handy-dandy and aquamarine, two very good traits to have.

I think what I like most about a cup of tea is that you have to pause the chaos of your day, sit down, inhale the aroma and take the time to sip. At work, fixing a cup of tea is an island of sanity in a sea of crazy. In the summertime, I make glass after glass of iced tea. The convenience of a hot water selection on the coffee maker and a freezer full of fresh ice cubes makes it a snap. But, takes long enough for me to catch my breath and recharge my batteries.

Here’s to the restorative powers of a nice cuppa! Lord knows I’ll need more than a few to get me through this year.


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