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Being born into a family focused on all facets of food: growing, raising, researching, shopping, preparing, discussing, savouring and reminiscing, food was featured in all my early memories. A crusade for independence and an ideology of creativity drove me to take the spatula into my own hands at a young age. I cooked for friends and family with confidence and, maybe, a little swagger. But then I was out tonged by the love of my life, my man with the pans. A professional cook, he could out dice, out slice and out spice me any and every day of the week. Now he runs two restaurant kitchens and I have taken over our home kitchen, assisted by our son, Young Fresh Chef. We keep it simple and fun, enjoying each season as it comes. Come into our kitchen and slip an apron on, it could get messy!

All photography and writing by Julia Austine AKA Kitchenette Finds

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  1. Hi Julia, I don’t think I stopped by told you how much I love your blog when I clicked on the link to follow your posts. 🙂 I enjoy going through your recipe’s.

    I’m taking this opportunity to nominate your blog for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. The rules to accept & share this award are in the following link –


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