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At the beginning of this school year, I began volunteering at my son’s school to help out with the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program. Thirteen times throughout the school year, schools can receive fresh local BC produce at no cost to the school, children or parents. It’s run by the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation (supported by the Ministries of Agriculture, Education and Health) and began with 10 schools in 2005 and this year they are getting fresh fruits and veggies to almost half a million kids at 1376 schools in BC.

I’ve really enjoyed being part of this program and working with the other parent volunteers to sort and deliver plums, peaches and grapes to the classrooms in our local school. What a great way to share and celebrate the bounty of BC and to offer children the chance to broaden their palates and enjoy a healthy snack.

Were you already aware of this program? Have lunches ever come back with unexpected peach or plum pits?


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  1. Back in the day, my Mom got banned from bringing in snacks for snack time because hers were deemed too healthy by the teachers. How far we’ve come!

    • That is hilarious, yet kind of sad. The other kids always thought I had weird lunches because I’d bring salsa and blue corn chips or a chunk of brie. My son takes roasted seaweed in his lunch and kale chips, I always give him extra to share with the curious kids.


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